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"To turn hearts and lives to Jesus Christ." Plain and simple. While God is the only one who can convert a heart, we believe that God invites us to work with Him in His plan to redeem humanity. At the end of each worship service everyone recites our mission, claiming it as a priority throughout the week. Our mission defines who we are and guides our life together as a church. We pray you will be a part of it as well.



Our vision is to be a place where all people are encouraged, enabled, and empowered to love God and to love their neighbor.


Core Values

Aubrey Malphurs in his book Advanced Strategic Planning defines core values as "the constant, passionate, biblical core beliefs that drive the ministry." Values are tenacious and describe the very heart and soul of an organization. Below are our core values.


Community Caring

We value all people, whether members or not, and delight in extending a loving hand to those in need.


Biblically Based

We value the Word of God and use it as the foundation of all that we do.


Outreach Oriented

We value the great commission to make disciples of Jesus and the call to serve those in need.


Family Focused

We value families, both young and old, and provide programs and resources to strengthen families.


Passionate Worship

We value our worship and delight in glorifying God through our service of worship.


Wholly Welcoming

We value welcoming anyone who walks through our doors regardless of . . .

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