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Navigating the Waters

Resources for our membership

as we discern the future of our church.

General Resources

for Discernment

Letter from Leadership and

Calendar of Important Dates

Be Still and Know:

A daily guide to walk you through this time of church-wide discernment. 

September 1st - October 30th

Consensus Poll

Additional Resources:

Email Questions to:

Texas Annual Conference Website:

Additional Resources:


Global Methodist:

Letter from the Pastor

Following the Church Conference Vote 10/29

Church Conference


Official Notice of

Called Church Conference


Church Conference Agenda and Important Voting Information

Sample Ballot

Town Hall Meeting 1

What is Discernment?

Tuesday, August 23rd - 6pm

Wednesday, August 24th - 10am

Town Hall Meeting 2

Legacy Builders: The History and Mission of the
Local Church

Wednesday, September 14th - 7pm

Thursday, September 15th - 10am

Town Hall Meeting 3

Connectionalism: Structural Strengths and Concerns

Tuesday, September 27th - 10am

Wednesday, September 28th - 7pm

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